B & B Poultry Co., Inc. - History

B & B Poultry Co., Inc. was founded by Ben and Dorothy (Bobbie) Fisher following World War II, in 1945. At that time, Vineland and all of Southern New Jersey were known as the "Egg Capital of the World." Aside from raising their own Hens, Ben and Bobbie serviced the local backyard producers by processing spent hens, driving around town in the small truck pictured to the left. At that time the majority of the product they produced was sold into New York as New York Dress.

Six decades later B & B Poultry Company remains a family run business, and while the hens and producers have moved from Southern New Jersey to Pennsylvania, B & B remains at its original site. Today B & B Poultry Co., Inc is a modern facility whose products are shipped throughout the domestic market, as well as the international marketplaces. The company's reputation, and the reputation of its quality products are known throughout the industry and the world. Working closely with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, the company has never had to lay off employees and offers its employees full benefits including health insurance.

B & B Poultry Co., Inc remains committed to representing it's community, it's industry, and it's country with the highest standards and quality of any fowl producer in the world.