Weclome to B & B Poultry Inc. Co.
Specialists in ready to cook fowl since 1945.

Experience counts!
B & B Poultry Co. Inc., a private family run organization, has operated out of our proud Norma, NJ facility for 7 decades, specializing in ready to cook fowl, cut up fowl, heavy fowl, cut up young chicken, as well as organically grown and processed poultry.

In an industry that is always changing, our 60+ years of experience and adaptability has allowed our process and product offering to meet our customer's and the end market's changing requirements.

Serving the region, serving the world.
Our size allows us to produce for the national and global marketplaces; while also serving local and regional clientele. We are proud of our local, national, and international relationships.

B & B Poultry Co., Inc. is a QAI certified Organic Processor